The Art of Fusion

Road Show

During the autumn of 2015, Semcon invited their existing and potential customers to a road show with knowledge seminars. A+A developed the concept – The Art of Fusion – including the theme film, graphics, seminar scripts and presentation material.

Inspiration, integration and future trends

The purpose of the road show was to strengthen Semcon’s brand by giving a wider picture of the company and its most valuable asset – the Semconites. In two knowledge seminars, selected employees shared their expertise and knowledge within future trends in a personal and unconventional manner.

The audience was also able to interact with the experts on stage by asking questions and participate in polls via their mobile phones. In addition to the seminars, there was an exhibition about sound design, lightweight and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, where the guests could eat, drink, mingle, talk to experts and try out different things, such as Oculus Rift.