Stimulating body and mind


Hälsa is Universeum’s interactive exhibition about health and well-being, aiming to increase young people’s interest in, and knowledge about, health. A+A designed the graphics and was involved in the concept and content development.

Colourful, playful and energetic

Health is a multifaceted subject and covers physical, mental, emotional and social perspectives. To differentiate each of these areas, they all have a unique visual design, yet are part of a coherent look and feel. In order to appeal to children and teenagers, the entire exhibition is colourful, playful and energetic. In the interactive stations, the visitors can test their strength, balance, speed, mobility, resilience and endurance, for instance by slack-lining, climbing and jumping as high as they can. They can also learn about stress and relaxation, how the body works and ways in which society can affect how we feel.