Groundbreaking launch show

Product Launch

In 2014, the all-new Volvo XC90 was revealed to the world through the most digitally advanced car presentation in history. A+A created and produced the launch show, which received intense media coverage.

3d mapping and X-ray effects

For the first time ever, projection mapping technology was executed on a rotating and complex-shaped object, with the images from multiple projectors automatically blending together. This advanced 3d mapping made it possible to visualize both exterior and interior details with a stunning, yet informative “X-ray” effect – all while the car was moving. During the show, the stage area was continuously and seamlessly transformed into different environments, while a number of Volvo experts presented the details of the technology and design of the new luxury SUV.

2,400 guests from all over the world

The event week included eight sessions with launch shows and post-show dinners, featuring local specialities and entertainment by some of Sweden’s most prominent artists. In addition to the creation of the reveal show and specially designed auditorium, A+A was responsible for the press material, which included press releases, images, animations and films about the new Volvo XC90.

In total, 2,400 VIP customers, fleet customers, suppliers, dealers and journalists from all over the globe attended.