Boosting knowledge, pride and confidence

Product Launch & Training Event

Less than a year after the spectacular launch of the new Volvo FH, Volvo Trucks launched four new truck models. To motivate, inspire and train 3,500 sales representatives on the new product range, we developed a 3-day training event.

Tough pre-conditions

A comprehensive training event had just been executed for the Volvo FH – now the sales crew needed to learn about the rest of the range. But whereas the last training event took two years to develop, this one needed to be up and running in six months. It should cover four new trucks in three different segments in a maximum of three days. Besides the risk of information overload, it would take a lot to impress and inspire the sales crew, since they had just completed a highly appreciated training for the Volvo FH.

The event also won first prize in European Best Event Awards 2013

Thanks to a clear product differentiation and creative variation in environmental set-ups and learning approaches, the training reached the strategic objectives and received the highest evaluation score in the entire history of Volvo Trucks. The evaluations showed that the participants felt inspired, motivated and eager to start selling the new trucks. The event also won first prize in European Best Event Awards 2013.